Meet Your Retreat Hosts

Having both come from failed marriages, Rachel and Joost found each other in the autumn of their lives. They not only fell in love with each other, but also with life itself again. They decided to dive into the deep and move to Ibiza, where they founded The Retreat House.
Now, their mission is to help people find themselves and each other! 
In their previous marriages, Joost has raised four children and Rachel has raised two.

About Rachel

After two decades of expierence in the make-up industry, Rachel gained a lot of understanding about women's feelings of selfworth, identity and confidence. After a serious burn-out, she became a licensed Ashtanga and Yin yoga teacher, and is now also a certified women circle leader and a transformational cupping therapist. But most importantly: she is a mother and has been a wife, and on these journeys she has learned a lot about life and about herself.

About Joost

After running a building and real-estate development company, Joost went to art school and became an artist painter. He then went to study constellations and their wonderful insights at the Bert Hellinger Institute in Groningen. To continue his journey, he also went to England to train with Alberto Villoldo, an American anthropologist who lived with the Native Americans in their natural habitat for 30 years.
But besides all courses, training and education, he was taught mostly by life itself. He raised three daughters and one son. He has traveled to the other side due to a bacterial infection of the heart. But life wasn't done with him yet: after four surgeries he is optimizing his second chance by loving, teaching and sharing his experiences!